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BSR Featured in Santa Clarita Magazine

Nancy Pitchford-Zhe, Janice Murray

Blue Star Ranch – Our Veterans, A Silent Majority

by Santa Clarita Magazine | Dec 29, 2019 | Community

They are trained to sacrifice themselves for us on the home front. They do it with patriotism and pride in our country and way of life. They do it for their families and all American families. Yet many civilians treat them like the enemy, even though they (the civilians) do not know why.

Spouses know that the person that left to protect our country was their beloved family member. And they spend hours praying their loved one will return to reunite with them. When they do there is great joy and celebration. This can last several weeks or months, until the spouse realizes that the person that came home was not the same person that left. They don’t understand why they can no longer communicate with their spouse. They don’t understand the things that are happening every day. So, I am going to attempt to give you a little peek into the life of our PTSD veterans.

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Our Latest: KHTS Non-Profit Hour

Hear the latest broadcast of KHTS’ Non-Profit Hour (aired February 26):

On this episode of The SCV Non-Profit Spotlight Show Janice sits down with a couple of representatives from the Blue Star Ranch, a local veteran relief program. Guests included: Richard Carillo, Authorized Campaign Field Representative Blue Star Ranch; Nancy Zhe, Executive Director Blue Star Ranch; Jack Hernandez, Board Member Blue Star Ranch

Every Monday, Janice Murray hosts the SCV Non-Profit Spotlight Show from 10 a.m. – 11 a.m, highlighting local Non-Profit organizations.

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Nancy Pitchford-Zhe, Janice Murray

L-R: Nancy Pitchford-Zhe (Co-Founder & Equine Specialist) Jack Hernandez, BSR Board Member, Richard Carillo, BSR Events Coordinator, and Janice Murray, KHTS Personality and Host.

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BSR Featured on KHTS

Hear the latest broadcast of KHTS’ Non-Profit Hour:



Blue Star Ranch is an equine-assisted safety-net provider for mental health services with internationally recognized certification. The horses help veterans overcome known barriers to engaging and staying in treatment. They can help families in post deployment transition build resilience.


Executive Director Nancy Pitchford and licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and EAGALA Certified Mental Health practitioner and Equine Specialist Katie Ryan join today’s edition of the SCV Non-Profit Spotlight to discuss their roles as well the benefits of the organization.


Blue Star Ranch was featured in the latest edition of élite Magazine in an article entitled, “How to Save a Life – Blue Star Ranch helps veterans rebuild with equine-assisted psychotherapy.”


About The Ranch
Horses are real and present beings. They live in the here and now. They constantly build and maintain positive relationships with each other and their environment.


Equine Therapy pairs veterans (and sometimes veterans and their spouses) with horses. Under the supervision of a counselor or other mental health care professional, assisted by an equine specialist, they work through a series of exercises to improve communication and collaboration. They do not ride the horses; rather they lead them through a series of collaborating exercises. Horses sense emotions in humans and reach accordingly. If humans are being aggressive, horses will leave. If humans are acting in a relaxed manner, the horse is also relaxed and happy to work on interaction.

Katie Ryan, Nancy Pitchford-Zhe, Janice Murray

L-R: Katie Ryan M.A. MFT (Mental Health Specialist) Nancy Pitchford-Zhe, Co-Founder & Equine Specialist, Janice Murray (Host).

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As Featured In élite Magazine

How to Save a Life – Blue Star Ranch helps veterans rebuild with equine-assisted psychotherapy

by Kirsten Quinn (élite Magazine) | Nov 18, 2016 | Spotlight

toc-bluestarranchA year ago, Manny Perdomo didn’t like horses. He did not want to ride one, and he certainly did not want to try another form of therapy that didn’t work. But on a recent warm October morning, as he stood next to Jack, the horse naturally moved toward him. As Manny explained the basics of equine-assisted psychotherapy, his body language, demeanor and mood naturally attracted the horse.


Jack stood calmly by his side, and Manny responded to Jack’s every movement as if it was second-nature, involuntary even. Manny moved; Jack moved. Manny calmed; Jack calmed. The two were intimately connected in a way that made words unnecessary. Something greater was happening at Blue Star Ranch in Saugus, and it looked like healing.


When Manny returned home from multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan with the U.S. Army, it felt like leaving one version of Hell only to land in a new one. Anger and fear consumed his thoughts and controlled his actions, and immediately he began grasping at fixes: a cocktail of medications, various forms of talk therapy, anything that would help. But none of it really did.


“When you’re in war, every day you think: Am I going to die tomorrow? Who will get shot today?” he recalled of his time overseas. “You’re stripped of your humanity and pushed to your breaking point. When you come back, there’s no reverse process to make you feel human again. You’re numb.”


Diagnosed with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Manny battled crippling anxiety, anger and insomnia, watching the effects of his emotions spill over onto his wife and young children.


“The thing with PTSD is you don’t even know you have it,” he said. “It’s masked, concealed. Your anger just escalates until, one day, you’re out in public, punching the concrete until your knuckles bleed.”


Manny eventually found his rock bottom, and with nowhere else to go but up, he began to search for inspiration. He covered his house with phrases and words that made him feel positive and hopeful, and in his darkest hour, he thought about his duty.

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