Nancy Pitchford-Zhe, Janice Murray

Blue Star Ranch – Our Veterans, A Silent Majority

by Santa Clarita Magazine | Dec 29, 2019 | Community

They are trained to sacrifice themselves for us on the home front. They do it with patriotism and pride in our country and way of life. They do it for their families and all American families. Yet many civilians treat them like the enemy, even though they (the civilians) do not know why.

Spouses know that the person that left to protect our country was their beloved family member. And they spend hours praying their loved one will return to reunite with them. When they do there is great joy and celebration. This can last several weeks or months, until the spouse realizes that the person that came home was not the same person that left. They don’t understand why they can no longer communicate with their spouse. They don’t understand the things that are happening every day. So, I am going to attempt to give you a little peek into the life of our PTSD veterans.