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Blue Star Ranch is an equine-assisted safety-net provider for mental health services with internationally recognized certification. The horses help veterans overcome known barriers to engaging and staying in treatment. They can help families in post deployment transition build resilience.


Executive Director Nancy Pitchford and licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and EAGALA Certified Mental Health practitioner and Equine Specialist Katie Ryan join today’s edition of the SCV Non-Profit Spotlight to discuss their roles as well the benefits of the organization.


Blue Star Ranch was featured in the latest edition of élite Magazine in an article entitled, “How to Save a Life – Blue Star Ranch helps veterans rebuild with equine-assisted psychotherapy.”


About The Ranch
Horses are real and present beings. They live in the here and now. They constantly build and maintain positive relationships with each other and their environment.


Equine Therapy pairs veterans (and sometimes veterans and their spouses) with horses. Under the supervision of a counselor or other mental health care professional, assisted by an equine specialist, they work through a series of exercises to improve communication and collaboration. They do not ride the horses; rather they lead them through a series of collaborating exercises. Horses sense emotions in humans and reach accordingly. If humans are being aggressive, horses will leave. If humans are acting in a relaxed manner, the horse is also relaxed and happy to work on interaction.

Katie Ryan, Nancy Pitchford-Zhe, Janice Murray

L-R: Katie Ryan M.A. MFT (Mental Health Specialist) Nancy Pitchford-Zhe, Co-Founder & Equine Specialist, Janice Murray (Host).