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Services to our veterans and their families are FREE. This means we must continually raise funds for our operating budget. Horses must be fed and monitored 24/7, have their feet maintained, get annual vaccinations, and taken care of constantly. We also incur overhead expenses, ranch maintenance fees, staffing compensation and more. It is quite an undertaking to run a ranch and provide quality service to our most deserving veterans. They took care of us, now we must take care of them!


All donations go to our Operating Budget, unless otherwise designated to our Capital Campaign Fund or designated for a particular piece of equipment or project.


We seek donations through private donors, corporations, fund raising and grants. Donations of any size are put to work immediately for the benefit of our veterans.


Donate By Mail

You can help! Send your tax-deductible donation, in any amount to our mailing address:


Blue Star Ranch
29659 Grandfloras Road
Canyon Country, CA 91387


We are a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization.

TAX ID: 46-5469268


eagala_logo_transpBlue Star Ranch is a member of the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association. EAGALA is an organization of 4,000 members in 49 countries. They train and certify equine specialists and licensed mental health professionals. Learn more at

How Do We Use Your Valuable Donations? (click each)

Facility maintenance, building and repair
Food, water, formula and general healthcare
Vet costs, annual checkups, feet maintenance, shots, vaccines
Farrier services and horse health maintenance