Our Goals at Blue Star Ranch

Helping our veterans make a successful
transition back to civilian life

We Are Passionate About
Taking Care of Veterans

Our GOAL at Blue Star Ranch (BSR), is to help our veterans make a successful transition back to civilian life. We serve men and women veterans who have served in any capacity in any of our Military Branches. Therapy sessions are provided FREE to veterans.

This is not an easy task for veterans. WHY? When veterans are deployed they become different people, because they are operating as soldiers. This is a world many civilians have no understanding of. When veterans return home, they no longer “fit into” civilian life. In the Military they are very dependent on each other, hence the phrase “Got Your Back”. And they do! And they live it 24 hours a day. They are now forever vigilant.

Combat is not the only cause of PTSD. Any traumatic experience(s) can cause PTSD in any individual. So, is it any wonder why veterans do not “fit in” when they return home? Remember, they have been operating under an entirely different lifestyle.

One veteran expressed it with this story: “When I returned home my wife, myself and the kids went to a relative’s birthday party. When I walked into this crowd of people, the first thing I did was to scan each person. What kind of shoes were they wearing? Did they have a weapon?”  In civilian life even a helicopter flying low overhead can trigger a “flashback”. Veterans have no control over flashbacks, but they are part of the reason veterans have difficulty interacting with their families. Spouses inquiries can even trigger a flashback. WHY? Because they don’t want to relive their service life, much less burden their spouses with it. It is just too painful. They don’t know how to connect with their family. This is just a small peek at what veterans fight every day in the civilian world!

If you or a loved one are in need of help with PTSD, Contact Blue Star Ranch.

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Here is the Good News

Blue Star Ranch (BSR) will provide ten weekly Equine Assisted Therapy Sessions for ten weeks, FREE. Spouses and children are included when applicable. And BSR is working on expansion, so we can start a follow-up program two times a month for graduated veterans. This program will provide peer group learning, and a place to continue to heal, with the Therapy Team.

And There is More
Good News

You can help! Rally friends, neighbors, relatives, and anyone you think would be supportive of our cause to donate a $19.99 a month on-going donation. We are an all volunteer organization, but we must pay the therapy staff, (two legged and four legged). This cost can be reduced by increasing the monthly donor income (tax deductible), and if we can find a licensed therapist who would like to learn how to perform Equine Assisted Therapy. We are in need of a second therapy team to help our efforts. Santa Clarita has over 10,000 veterans living in our valley.


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