How To Help

Volunteer or Support – HELP US HELP OUR VETERANS

Getting Involved Makes a Difference

Services to our veterans and their families are FREE. This means we must continually raise funds for our operating budget. Horses must be fed, monitored and cared for 24/7, and they must get annual vaccinations. We also incur overhead expenses, ranch maintenance fees, staffing compensation and more.


Contact us about giving some time, helping around the Ranch. There are no time commitments or obligations. No experience necessary (we provide training). You just have to be 18 years or older.


Donations mean everything to us. You can support the herd, sponsor a vet, or make a general donation – funds, equipment, anything. Every dollar helps. Every penny makes a difference!

Support The Herd

Choose this donation to provide funds for regular care for our horses, donkey and mini horses. All of these funds will go directly to their well-being.

Provide a Session

Choose this donation to provide funds for a Veteran’s session. See the details below on how our sessions work and what costs are involved.

General Fund

Choose this donation to provide funds for the general upkeep, maintenance, staff support and operations of the Ranch. Every dollar helps.

We Have a Wish List!

You can also help us directly by purchasing something from our Amazon Wishlist. These are items we use, need and purchase. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated. And it’s a tax deduction! CLICK HERE TO SHOP

Veteran Sessions

A Little More About Your Donation

Blue Star Ranch provides 10 weeks of one-on-one sessions for each veteran. They are evaluated on the following 6 categories:

  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Communication
  • Sleeplessness
  • Nightmares
  • Coping Skills

Each session is $120, totaling $1200 for the 10 week program. Upon Graduation, Quilts of Valor presents each graduate with a handmade Quilt and BSR gives them a Certification of Completion.

Sessions are closed-door, private sessions, with full doctor and patient privacy. Blue Star Ranch only pays the Therapist and Equine Specialist, no other volunteers are paid.

“Being in this environment allowed me to open up and drop my guard. I have tried to go to one-on-one therapy in the past, did one session, and ran. Everyone here was so welcoming and brought me to a better place (horses and the people), an amazing combination.  I know in my heart that it could help so many that are falling through the cracks of the system”

– MMFM, U.S. Navy