What We Do

Our Philosophy, Therapy, and How We Help

We’re Here to Help

Blue Star Ranch is 100% dedicated to the men and women of our Armed Forces. The Veterans we assist are suffering and we provide an incredible solution to that suffering.

If you or a loved one are in need of help with PTSD, contact Blue Star Ranch at (661) 312-6184. We will schedule a meeting to introduce you to our program.

Once you enter our program, you will be evaluated in the following six categories:

  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Sleeplessness
  • Nightmares
  • Coping Skills
  • Communication Skills

These will be the areas that you and the therapy team will focus on in your sessions. When you complete the program you will be evaluated in these same six areas to chart your growth and progress.

Why Horses?

Horses are real and present beings.

They live in the here and now. They constantly build and maintain positive relationships with each other and their environment.

Equine Therapy for Veterans includes sessions with spouses and children, when applicable. Under supervision of a counselor or other mental health care professional, assisted by an equine specialist, and the therapy horses, they work through a series of exercises to improve communications and collaboration. They do not ride the horses; rather they lead them through a series of collaborating exercises. Horses sense emotion in humans and react accordingly. This is the atmosphere needed to bring emotional problems to the surface for examination.

“Blue Star Ranch is just where I needed to be. It became my ‘safe space.’ It gave me a chance to focus on myself, to realize that it was okay to unplug from the everyday grind.”

– Sgt. A.P., U.S. Marines, Afghanistan

The Therapy

Meet Deborah Winters, LECC

BSR Therapist

My goal is to help guide those that have lost their way, to help them build or rebuild the relationship with themselves that allow them to make better choices. To help change negative thoughts to positive and to learn that they deserve to walk through the journey of life happy, fulfilled, and with their heads held high.

My job is to hold the light and lead the way to insight and self-love. To create an environment that is safe, genuine, empathetic, compassionate, and non-judgmental. Where the veteran can feel safe to face issues that stand in the way of their happiness.

Meet Jane Del Vecho

BSR Equine Assistant

Jane joined Blue Star Ranch in 2018 as a ranch volunteer. Yes, she’s a horse lover! After a year at the ranch Jane became a Board Member. Now she’s part of our Therapy Team.

Jane’s background in photography and graphic arts has been a plus to Blue Star Ranch. But last fall she added another skill to her repertoire. She is now a Certified EAGALA Equine Specialist for Blue Star Ranch. So, she is now a therapy team member also. We are so lucky to have so many multi-talented folks in our ranks.

Some Recent Graduates

Meet the Therapy Staff

Equine-assisted therapy involves the use of horses in therapeutic interventions to promote physical, emotional, and psychological well-being.

These specially trained horses are an integral part of various therapeutic programs and can provide significant benefits to individuals with a wide range of conditions or needs.

Therapy horses are typically selected for their temperament, calm demeanor, and ability to work with diverse populations. They undergo extensive training to ensure they are comfortable and responsive in therapeutic settings. Some common characteristics of therapy horses include being gentle, patient, and able to tolerate different sensory stimuli and physical contact.


Mariah was born with the boss mare instinct. She takes her job very seriously. Even as a baby she was looking out for her mom. Anyone smaller than Mariah she considers a baby. Even it they are full grown miniature horses or donkeys. She will watch over them and protect them from anything she may perceive as a threat. As her god mother Nancy had the privilege of naming her. Mustangs are hearty horses, and easy keepers. Mariah is a beautiful specimen of her breed. She is smart, learns quickly, and is very good with verbal cues as well as sight cues.


“Quigley” has become a wonderful therapy horse. Anyone who met him connects with his sweet disposition. Quigley has always aimed to please and adjusted well becoming a therapy horse for veterans. He has truly found his calling as a therapy horse. He also likes music as is evident by one of our veteran volunteers who is seen serenading him on a recent YouTube Blue Star video.


Meet Kaylee. She arrived on Valentines’ Day, Feb. 14, 2023. She needed some TLC, and we needed another therapy horse. Kaylee is a nine year old Mustang Mare…and she looks like Mariahs’ twin. They are the same height, weight, star on forehead, black manes and tails, and stockings. Same beautiful bay color. Mustangs are tough and Kaylee is a little bossy. She has had to learn the ways of the herd, and learn to respect Mariah as leader. Boss mare Mariah is twice as old as Kaylee and had no trouble putting her straight! After an improved diet, and a lot of TLC, she is learning to be a therapy horse. She is friendly, loving and sweet. Just the right ingredients for a therapy horse.

Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper has become the boss of his herd since he’s been at Blue Star Ranch. When Cooper moves the big horses listen! He also pulls a cart. His father was an Appaloosa which shows up on his face and muzzle as a fuzzy grey. The clients at Blue Star Ranch sometimes believe a mini horse like Mini Cooper is easier to work with than a larger horse. But mini horses believe they are as big as any horse. They go out to play with the big horses with no problem. Mini Cooper has become a crowd pleaser.


Sammy is definitely all Donkey! He is fun, cute, loveable, smart, and sometimes stubborn. When you come out to the ranch and you get greeted by his Donkey Serenade, you can consider yourself announced. His ears are his most prominent feature and he does not mind having them gently stroked.
Sammy loves kids.


Get Involved with Blue Star Ranch

Get involved and truly make a difference by adopting a horse, a stall, a client, a session or even care of the animals. Every ounce of effort helps us, so that we may help our veterans in need. Blue Star Ranch is always looking for volunteers. Whether you assist with therapy at the highest level, or simply help us maintain the facility, you’re doing your part so that we can assist our Veterans with Equine Therapy.